How to get money on internet

Hello my reader friend, as I am already tired of seeing so many pages that promise to make you a millionaire generating income online and I really see that they always sell pure lies. Well, I have decided to make this publication so that you really know with what you can earn money online and with what not.

For this we will start with the methods that you can get to earn more money and in the end we will leave those that you really should never use because you would only waste your time.

Make money with little or no investment

As you can imagine, sales is what can most generate income online, that is why you find thousands of courses that promise to become a millionaire or teach you how to earn money online.

But this is not the only way to earn income with sales, in fact you should not even have a product or a service. You should only know who does offer it.

This practice of Internet reselling is known as affiliate marketing, in this post I am not going to explain what affiliate marketing is or how to do, since it really is a very extensive topic.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, search Google and YouTube, I assure you you will find a lot of information about it.

What I can tell you is that if you do not want to invest money or depend so much on luck or other factors, this is the best way to earn income or generate money online.

The second best option, a little more complicated, is to get many people to listen to you, read you, or follow you, in short, to be an influencer.

Nor do you have to invest a lot of money to get it, but you must invest a lot of time or be very lucky.

We can help ourselves from platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, or we can create a page or a blog.

Although if we have the ability to mix all social networks, with a web page we can increase our income exponentially.

These are the only options to really earn a lot of money without having to invest as much money, BETTER IF YOU FOCUS ON THE EUROPEAN OR ENGLISH PUBLIC since it is where more money is generated, and with a lot of difference.

There are also other ways to earn money, just don't expect to get rich, we'll leave those for last.

The best investments to make money online

Logically, if you want to shorten the time to generate income, because you will have to invest money, the best investment you could make is to invest money in educating yourself, and don't worry, I'm not going to sell you a course.

But I realized that the more knowledge you acquire, the easier it will be to reach the goal you want and although I personally have not bought any course, I have read a lot, I have seen many videos to talk about this topic and to generate income by Internet.

The second best investment would be to speed up the process of the two methods that I taught you before, it doesn't matter if you want to be an influencer, or sell affiliate products or simply to entertain; It will be easier to grow if you invest money.

For example, paying someone to make you a better brand design, better edit your images or videos, paying advertising to send visits to your page or your social networks and thus make yourself known, etc.

But it is not the only way, there are also pages where you can put your money and they will give you a monthly percentage.

The only problem is that the vast majority of pages, if not all, end up being a great failure or a scam, if you want to do this, I only recommend that you invest in pages that accept PayPal as a payment method.

Because PayPal gives you a guarantee to protect your investment and if the company or the page you invested in ends up being a scam, you can make a claim to PayPal and they will help you recover your money.

There are also other investment methods such as forex, buying cryptocurrencies, or buying stocks and you can all do them online, but if you want to enter any of these markets, I recommend that you educate yourself a lot so that you do not lose your money.

For me the safest option among those three would be to buy some cryptocurrency and wait for its price to increase; But for this you will have to have a lot of patience since it is a fluctuating market and sometimes you could even lose.

Make money online without investing

Well, now we are going with the other real options with which you can generate some income but do not expect to achieve financial freedom.

The first method is to offer your freelancer services. There are many pages that can help you normally charge between $ 5 dollars an hour, depending on the service you offer.

Of course there is a lot of competition And if you are just going to start it will be very difficult because nobody knows you and there will be many other people who have a great reputation and it is easier to hire them, but spirit you can always try.

The second method is to use any page or application that pays to fill out surveys, this is a rather complicated method at the beginning.

There are YouTube pages and channels that teach you the best tricks to move faster when filling out surveys, such as creating a better profile, among other things, but here you will have to spend a lot of time, in addition to using different pages and applications.

That yes, I assure you that with this method you will never achieve financial freedom.

Everything else you read online like:

Making money with ptc pages, applications that pay to play, make money walking, make money listening to the radio, make money watching videos, etc., will be pure illusions.

Since you're really just wasting your time and helping others if they make money, as I told you at the beginning when you have a large fan base they can help you generate income, this is known as referral income.

Or if they ask you to invest in cryptocurrencies, you also doubt a lot, because it is very likely that it will end up being a scam and you will lose your time and money.

Now I do hope that this publication has opened your eyes, that you do not believe in so much lies, that you educate yourself one more time to be able to progress and that you have an excellent day.